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Opening Doors. Creating Opportunities. #Inclusion4All.

Work & Play

  • Finding YOUR Voice.
  • Life Planning Help.
  • Connect. Connect. Connect.
  • Building YOUR support network.
  • Maximizing your Resources.

Nancy Mercer, LCSW

Meet Our Team

Create strategies for opening doors and building opportunities for mutually rewading lives:

  • Education
  • Consultation Services for public and private sector
  • Providing workshops and training to help communities invest in inclusive polices and practices.

Developing a road map for enjoying life as an adult in the community:

  • Develop Life Planning Tools
  • Model Person Centered Planning and Decision Making Practices
  • Relationship Building and Maintence 
  • Identify and secure resources for building a sustainable support network--for a lifetime.

InclUSION Consultants Work with a Large Community of Experts

Helping students, families and school professionals create rewarding communities of learning:

  • Individual Education Planning
  • Creating Inclusive Teaching and Learning Strategies
  • Navigating Transition Points
  • Planning for Post Secondary Life


In community

Frank Stephens and David Egan:

International Consultants


The Inclusion Consultants, goal is to help you find the most inclusive solution for helping you answer your questions. We take pride in the fact that we seek out and learn from experts in the field; experts who bring "lived" experience as men, women, children and families who are living with disabilities, day in and day out.


In School




Creating inclusive solutions for a lifetime...


Incl(US)ion  in Action

Brooke Annessa, LCSW


Nancy Mercer and Brooke Varma, The Inclusion Consultants, provide individuals, families, schools, businesses and communities with the tools to build and enjoy rewarding and inclusive lives through the following service array :

  • Counseling
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Connecting

The Inclusion Consultants bring a unique understanding of how to implement inclusive practices at every stage of life and across communities.

The Inclusion Consultants are your partners in planning from the moment your child is born with a disability, to the moment you ask yourself, "Who will hug my child when I am gone?"